‘Who is Annie?’

Lights, CAMRA, Action?

It is with great delight we announce the fabulous New Tottenham Singers have agreed to providing the soundtrack of (and some even star in) our film-to-be, to promote the buying of shares in our community pub by pledging your support on Microgenius.

On Tuesday evening rehearsals began on ‘Who is Annie?’ A slight liberty taking variation on Shakespeare’s words and Schubert’s melody ‘Who is Sylvia?’ (1826) selected by Nadya Ostroff, our resident musicologist. The song became a popular drinking song and is almost as old as our dear pub.

It took no time at all for Choir Master,Tom Folkes to teach the amazing choir the song in four parts no less, and sound heavenly. A well as promoting AAA community sale of shares, you never know ‘Who is Annie’ may become a hit in 2014!