Has The Annie been sold to a private developer?

This just in…

We have been told (but not yet confirmed!) that the Antwerp Arms Pub has been sold to a private estate. The Asset of Community Value is in place and the the Antwerp must continue to be run as a pub.

The present landlord ‘Justin‘ has been given a lease by the new landlord and we give him our full support.
Justin is making arrangements to bring in the real ale that everyone wants and he wants to hear from you about what you want!

So we are arranging a family friendly social event on:


At the Antwerp Arms Pub, Church Road. N17 8AS.
There will be a chance for musicians and singing groups, DJ’s and entertainers to have a 10 minute slot to showcase their acts and community groups will have an opportunity to make a presentation. or if you would like to organise a Children’s game or other fun event you can have ten minutes too, So please think of fun and exciting things to do!
(Can anyone help with a P.A.System?) There will be a running order so please send us a personal message if you are going to appear with a brief description of what you plan to do. There will be fun and games and we just ask everyone to bring a plate of food!

We are continuing to monitor the situation and we will provide updates as we get them, If you would like to tell Justin what you would like to see at the pub please post your comments below and we will print them out and give them to Justin at our next meeting.

Thank you for your continued support and see you at the party on Saturday 2ND November 2013!!!!!